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Scholarship Prequalification

Thank you for your interest. To assist you better, please note the following items:

While completing the online application:
bullet Do not use the back button on your browser to navigate through the pages; please use either the 'Submit', or 'Save for Later' buttons instead.
bullet Do not close your browser window before clicking either 'Submit' or 'Save for Later' buttons. Otherwise, you will lose any information you have entered.
bullet You will need to create an account to apply. You will determine the username and password, so be sure to record these for later access.
bullet All fields in the Application must be completed to be considered.
bullet After submitting your Application, you may return to your home page by clicking 'Return to Student Main Page'.

Before we begin, we need first to ask you a few questions, to see if you may qualify for consideration.

Are you a permanent resident of Guilford County, North Carolina?
If not, are you attending a college or university located in Guilford County, North Carolina?
Are you a child or grandchild of a member of Revolution Masonic Lodge, Greensboro, North Carolina?
Are you enrolled in a standard undergraduate curriculum with a normal full-time workload?
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Scholarship Deadline


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